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We design and deliver innovative enclosed trailers all over the world.

Becker specializes in designing custom trailers that meet the specific needs of each and every customer we meet.
With over 30 years of experience working with the best trailer manufacturers in the business, we have a proven track record of delivering on our promise of exceptional quality, outstanding customer service and value you can count on.


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03 unique styles
unlimited possibilities.


Anything you can dream.  Becker Specialty trailers are made to your specific needs.


Becker Recreational trailers are the do everything trailers that can haul just about anything you desire and can be customized to your liking.  

XTR Series

Don’t settle for good enough. Becker XTR series trailers are perfect for those that want to haul their toys in a trailer that’s as equipped as the cargo you carry.

Industries We Serve
Emergency Response

Specialty vehicles and operation centers, custom designed to meet the need of high-intensity military environments. Whether it is a mobile command center or custom equipped ground and air transports, Becker is the solution professional. We engineer and manufacture mobile military solutions that meet the rigorous demands of our high-level clients worldwide - Military, National Guard and Government Agencies on every level.

  • Mobile Military Command Centers
  • State of the Art Specialized Units
  • Custom Designed for Air Transport
  • Armory Capabilities
  • Global Transport Vehicles
  • Ground Transport Vehicles
  • Custom Data and Communication Systems
  • Custom Equipment Storage

Whatever your communication needs, Becker has the experience to keep you in touch. We will work closely with you to determine the precise communications capabilities needed for your mission to succeed. Satellite, RF infrastructure, converged communications – we’ll design an integrated system that meets or exceeds your expectations in today’s continuously advancing technological market.

  • Media Production Units
  • Satellite Uplink Vehicles
  • Mobile Communication Centers
  • Public Safety
  • Surveillance
  • Military Operations

Every second counts when responding to an emergency situation. Reliability and functionality are top priorities in the custom design of emergency response vehicles. Having access to everything you need available and easy to access is critical to every type of emergency response team – fire response, medical emergencies, terrorist threats and search and rescue. Becker’s custom design team has the experience and expertise to develop solutions that fit this criteria. 

  • Chemical Containment
  • Bomb Squad Vehicles
  • Fire Response Vehicles
  • HAZMAT Operations
  • Search and Rescue
  • Off Road Specific Vehicles
Emergency Response

Becker provides the optimum in both physical and data security for its clients. Our experience contracting with government agencies guarantees that we will meet or exceed all regulatory requirements expected from a government contractor. Custom designed air transports and land-based mobile command centers are just the beginning. Becker is capable of designing a custom solution to meet the unique demands of aerospace and defense clients worldwide.

Fulfillment of complex government contracts is the norm for our organization, not an exception.


  • Mobile Military Command Centers
  • Drone Deployment Unit
  • Custom Designed Air Transport
  • Armory Capabilities
  • Global Transport Vehicles
  • Ground Transport Vehicles
  • Custom Data and Communication Systems
  • Custom All-Terrain Vehicles

We don’t need a blueprint to follow; we will create the blueprint. Tell us what you want to accomplish and our team will work with you to develop that specialized solution you are looking for. Experience the efficiency delivered by utilizing one vendor to provide multiple units and the improved logistics of working with a manufacturing facility conveniently located to a global port for instant deployment.

  • Test Pilot Recovery
  • Solar Field Monitoring
  • Crisis Negotiation Management
  • Ground Radar Penetrating Units
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Deployable Communities
  • DNV Certified Units
  • Drone Management Units

Becker will mobilize the equipment and supplies you need to meet your medical mission. Our design team will work directly with you to create the exact solution to your needs. Mobile clinics, laboratories, blood collection, dental care and patient transport built to suit your application.  We will design and build the custom facilities you need to stay mobile and onsite wherever your patients need you.

  • MRI Labs
  • Medical Clinics
  • Mobile Laboratories
  • Healthcare
  • Morgue Units
  • Bloodmobiles
  • Mobile ER Stations
  • Deployable Field Clinics